Sistemas y Materiales de Embalajes created in 1989

We are a company in constant growth, dedicated to making it easier for our customers to choose the most appropriated solutions in every packaging needs they may have.

Because of that, we have available 2.000 m² of plant allowing us to speed-up the production processes according to our customers’ demands, as well as better stock management.

The constant increase in our productive lines, our constant investment in innovation, using first quality raw materials as well as the full integration and complicity between our stuff, makes us one of the leading brands on the market, being able to satisfy our customers necessities in the shortest period bringing up their ideal solutions.

Out unified team makes it easier to provide an excellent service, an impeccable quality and personalized advice as every customer deserves.
Because of innovation and our wide experience in 2013 the BobiBag® project was launched. This is an innovative idea, designed and patented, intended for the luggage wrapping to satisfy a necessity: your LUGGAGE SECURITY.


Close follow-up of the production process.

In Sistemas y Materiales de Embalajes, we have a close follow-up of the productive process and the raw materials, managing and supervising themselves by their own quality management system.

We have the Sanitary Registry of Industries and Food Products of Catalonia (RSIPAC): 39.05378/CAT, and the Sanitary Registry of Spanish Food Industries (RGSA): 39.005260/B.


All our products are made taking into account our planet

Desde SIMAPACK trabajamos por la mejora del medio ambiente y nos esforzamos constantemente por desarrollar productos que permitan reducir los residuos generados en cada uno de los procesos de embalaje de nuestros clientes.

A diferencia de otros, todos nuestros productos son 100% reciclables y están producidos por empresas nacionales. Esto nos permite tener una trazabilidad y unos controles de calidad más exigentes.

Además, todos los residuos que generamos durante nuestros procesos de producción son reciclados por gestores de residuos certificados.

Asimismo, gracias a nuestro acompañamiento y a partir del conocimiento del proceso de embalaje de nuestros clientes, podemos enfocar y concretar que producto encaja mejor con sus necesidades, ajustando espesores, pesos y dimensiones del producto con la intención de reducir residuos, materiales utilizados y costes en su final de línea.

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